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Leo Edwards, Eugene Lee, Sr., Elizabeth Lee


Recent Additions:

Bob Anderson Remembers Leo Edwards, Part 2
By Bob Anderson, long time fan of Leo Edwards, recalls visiting Beanie Lee at Lake Ripley. [2018]

Leo Edwards and His Giggling Pen
By Fredric Brewer. Article from The Wisconsin Academy Review, 1991.

Boyhood Tales: Popular author of 1920s, '30s used his memories of Utica in penning kids' book series
By Melissa Garzanelli, Staff Writer, The Daily Times, Ottawa, IL, Nov. 10, 2003.

The Landers and Sons General Store in Utica, Illinois: Inspiration used by Leo in the Andy Blake books. [10.12.03]

Excerpt from 2003 publication about Utica, Illinois Sesquuicentennial. [10.12.03]

Article about the Freckled Goldfish Club written by children's author Betsy Byers. [updated 09.01.02]

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Letters from Leo

Key points in Leo's life in relation to events of the day.

Lee Family Tree

Leo's Shelby, OH house found!
Due to the investigave prowess of Fred Reid the house that Leo lived in while in Ohio has been located. [08.25.02]

Danny Daddles
Toy given to Eugene by Leo.

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