Bert Nelson Salg (1881 - 1938) was born in Fayetteville, New York. As a young man he worked for the L.C. Smith Typewriter Company. In 1921 Salg was hired by Grosset and Dunlap. Salg would receive manuscripts directly from the author for illustrations. All the interior art in the Leo Edwards books was black and white. Only the exterior dust jackets were in color. Salg, who was color blind to red, had is wife, Jessie Salg, help him select colors for the covers. Salg Salg moved to Greenwich Village and then to Congers, New York where he died in the spring of 1938.

Salg was the sole artist for Leo's books published by Grosset and Dunlap until his death in 1938. A.D. Rahan illustrated Andy Blake in Advertising published by D. Appleton & Company. Myrtle Sheldon illustrated Jerry Todd's Up-The-Ladder Club, Jerry Todd's Poodle Parlor and Poppy Ott & Co., Inferior Decorators. Herman Bacharach illustrated Jerry Todd's Cuckoo Camp. There is no artist credited for Jerry Todd and the Buffalo Bill Bathtub, The Monkey's Paw or The Hidden Dwarf.

[The following is from communications with Barbara Armstrong, Bert's Grand Daughter. The photos are courtesy of Ms. Armstrong. The drawing of the elephant is part of my collection. - Editor]

Bert Salg could not make a living with his artwork during the depression. A friend or relative had a "camp" in the Adirondacks for summer use. He allowed Bert, his wife, Jessie and their daughter, Mildred, to move there. He hunted, fished and somehow survived for one and a half years. Mildred attended a one-room schoolhouse. As Bert's health failed they moved back to Congers, New York, where he died.

Bert Salg at Moose River, approx. 1935.



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